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The difference between Forever VS ORCA server

The difference between Forever VS ORCA server

The difference between Forever VS ORCA server 

         We start with the orca server, which is a server of Algerian origin, and we find it in ICON devices, especially ICONE IRON PLUS, which is a powerful server for its ability to open the most powerful packages currently available, and we find the status of ORCA currently in this article:


Portuguese packaging ... work 10/10
Plus 4K channels

Nilesat satellite:

ART 10/10 with next update
OSN Package...Functional 10/10

EUTelSat W5

French TNT 10/10
Italian MediaSat package...working 10/10
Thor Moon 0.8w
DIGI 10/10

Eutelsat 7A . satellite

Digiturk Bundle... 10/10 Exclusive
Eutelsat 9B . satellite
Cosmot Package...Work 10/10

Hotbard Moon 13

All Polish parcels ... 10/10
Swiss Bund... 10/10
4K channels
I love nature
Channel + 4K
My Zen uhd
4K Museum
 Italian RAI package.. Run 10/10

 Eutelsat 16

 orange slvk 10/10
 Digi Albani Pack ... Operation 10/10
ROSE TV Package ... Practicality 10/10
Total TV Package... 10/10 Exclusive

Astra Moon 19.5

1 = Satellite TV package... 10/10
2 = ABSAT refill...Functional 10/10
3 = Alpine Sports Package... Operation 10/10
4 = full RMC 10/10
5 = Spanish package implemented 10/10
6 = German Sky... Action Pack 10/10
7 = German government package RTL... 10/10

Astra 23.5

1 = Dutch package... 10/10
2 = Skylink Pack... Activate 10/10
 Moon full moon Almarai package works without internet for residents of the east
Turksat 42 - Turkish average between ... 10/10 - D-SMART Turkish average 10/10
In addition to opening Orca server for many packages such as Russian package.


Forever server belongs forever to the Chinese company Ghosat which is a giant and well known company that has forever powerful engineers and hackers (4ever unlocks system-association packages like irdeto and videoguard, packages opened by FOREVER: server The server that broke the well-known Greek giant Cosmos package opens OSN servers.

The famous Spanish package AQuiler is known to open all its channels in Astra 19 .

D Diant Dish TV bundle on NSS6. Conax 95°E steel coupling system Sky 1 HD, Sky 1 + 1 HD and Sky Select HD from German Sky Digitalb package on OUTLSAT 16 Ema Diema Sport and Mutel Sport channels on the OTELSAT satellite as well as 16 channels + Club Club of the English Premier League. Russian Telekarta package on Intelsat 15
All Movistar packages on Astra 19, All German Sky channels are installed on Astra 19, channels 13 channels of the popular Greek nova package
  Some UK Sky channels from Astra 28 also work with Videoguard pairing.
Nilesat package + artistic channels , Tycom Moon and Asia Sat ,Almost all of them have 
23 Astra channels,80% of French Astra 19 . channels, The lunar phase is 0.8 W of all its channels, except for Digi Slovakia , All channels in the Polish package on Hotbird, including Canal + 4k Ultra H and HBO channels.
    Who is the best ORCA at the moment vs FOREVER: honestly, it is very difficult to control who is the best, both servers are excellent and open global packages that were difficult to access, but maybe you are in control and what do you prefer among the channels you want to watch to choose And if you want to share your opinion, which is currently the best ORCA vs FOREVER .

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