The most famous services and applications offered by Google to make life easier for Internet users

The most famous services and applications offered by Google to make life easier for Internet users

The most famous services and applications offered by Google to make life easier for Internet users 

       Google is one of the leading technology companies in all fields. There is hardly any area of ​​technology where we find this company to have such a clear footprint. Google products cover many disciplines and aspects, and in fact they are very important, high-quality and cutting-edge products.
The Google search service is one of the services that Google provides to its users, and this service is concerned with searching the world wide web through the home page of the                  Google site, where this page contains a special search box in which the subject to be searched. I searched. I searched. I looked for it is written. Thus, the Google search engine displays all the results related to the search topic, and the user can select the type of search he wants by choosing one of the quick links at the top of the main search page.
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Google owns many digital products (we can call them Google services or Google products), and these products are divided between what is suitable for all Internet users and what is suitable for business owners, and there are also many developer services.

A group of the most important and most famous Google products.

1-Google Chrome

Google Chrome browser is one of the best and most popular web browsers today used by a large number of users to browse the internet. Google Chrome stands out for its elegant and easy-to-use interface, the ability to smoothly control the various options and capabilities it contains, and the availability of many navigation options for users.

2-Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the services provided by Google, and it aims to provide detailed information about geographies, places, locations and roads around the world, as well as providing aerial and satellite images of many places , and you can be free to use this service through any of the internet browsers or through the application for mobile phones. Google Maps is used to access a specific address step by step, and through it can also get commercial information that has been previously added to Google Chrome, and Google Features Maps is also known as Google Street View, which offers users the ability to view 360 degree horizontal and vertical panoramas for many city streets around the world.

3- Google search engine

Google search engine is the main and most used search engine on the Internet. Most of the Internet users use the Google search engine at least once a day, and many of these users use Google dozens of times a day and spend a lot of time browsing it.

4 - Google Sites

Thanks to this product, anyone can easily and completely create their own website. In fact, Google sites are different from Blogger… If you want a blog where you write blog posts, then Blogger is the best, whether you want to create an intro site or your own blog site.
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5-Google Translate

Google Translator is the most popular free automated programming tool in the world and this service has also become thanks to the huge set of data that Google owns and uses to develop this translation service. Translate texts into hundreds of different languages. Google Translator supports translating entire files into multiple formats; Word, Excel, PowerPoint or even finished files in pdf format, which makes the translation process very fast, and the translator allows speaking the words with a microphone to translate them; Where the user chooses the language to translate and chooses to input text via the microphone.

6 - Google Books

Google Books is a Google service that lets you search for books, browse specific pages, view parts of them, and search for books in a specific subject area. This service is great for discovering books before you buy them, as well as researching a specific topic through what the books have covered on that topic, rather than what's on the web.

7-Google Drive

Google Drive is defined as the cloud storage service provided by Google, and it is one of the most popular cloud storage services among users, through which different types of files can be saved through a storage server. Google storage and accessible via computer or mobile phone. To use this service, the user must have an account on one of the Google services which requires user registration; Like Gmail. Google Drive provides user with 15GB storage space which can be freely used to store files of different file types; Such as photos, videos and documents.

8-Google Apps

Google Play is a service provided by Google that allows its users to search and install different types of applications on their Android devices, regardless of the manufacturers of these devices, and Google Play offers millions of applications and games that can be installed like those of its own device. Home screen, a set of ratings for downloadable options including: Google Play Books, from which many e-books available in the store can be downloaded, Google Play Movies list and TV and TV apps, Apps Movies and TV) and more.

9 - Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the best Google products, it lets you create advanced text files, share them with your friends, and allow others to access and edit them. These files are not stored on your device, but on Google's servers, so you can access them through any device, through your email address.
This product replaces the Microsoft Word product. In fact, Google also offers a Microsoft Excel alternative called Google Sheets, as well as a Microsoft PowerPoint alternative called Google Slides, and a Google Forms product that belongs to this product category.

10-Google Sky

Google Sky is a great service for space lovers. It allows the user to view the sky and outer space online. It allows users to view and share NASA images and digital sky surveys, and the images come from the Hubble Space Observatory.

11-Google Earth

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Google Earth allows users to roam the anthropomorphic planet Earth and visit any location on it. Google Earth is available in three types, the first is free, the second and the third you can try and then pay an annual subscription to use it, it also offers greater possibilities and provides more information about airport locations, supermarkets, corporate buildings, large libraries, etc...

12-Google Funding

With Google Financial, you can see the latest economic news and also allow you to follow stock market shares on global and local exchanges. Thanks to it, you can also know the exchange rates of different currencies. You can also find lots of news and other financial data in Google Finance.

13 - Google Groups

Google Groups is a great product provided by Google that allows you to create "groups" or join a particular group, with the ability to chat and share among members.


Refers to the mail service that Google provides for free to its users through which they can send and receive emails over the Internet, and this service can be used through the Gmail website or through the mobile phone application, where Gmail allows you to send messages attached to photos, videos or documents, and it has a large storage capacity of 15 GB, which allows the user to store a large number of emails without having to delete them.
Gmail supports the ability to link other email accounts to its application, such as: Yahoo and Outlook accounts, in addition to its support for many different languages of the world, and Gmail is one of the email messages the most used. Messaging services, with a 2020 active user count of over 1.5 billion users.

15 - Google Blogger

Blogger is one of the most amazing Google products ever, and it lets you create a free blog on the internet. (A blog is a small, usually personal site whose owner writes articles and blogs), and Blogger is the most popular blogger in the world. For Google, expect to get the best search results on the Google search engine.


Android is the most popular smartphone operating system in the world and it is used by most smartphone manufacturers. Android is developed by the Open Handset Alliance, operated by Google, a consortium of 84 carriers, phone component makers and software developers committed to the development of open standards for mobile phones.
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    Note that Google Play, the official Android app store, was launched in 2012 and includes all previous app markets, such as: Android Market, Google Music and other app stores are available for Android. Other Google Services Google offers many other services to its users, including the following:
      1- Google Ads: (Google Ads). It is a service that allows users to advertise through the Google search engine for a fee.
      2- Google AdSense: (Google AdSense). It is a service in which users can display advertisements on their sites and forums in exchange for payment.
      3 - Google Assistant: (Google Assistant); It is an artificial intelligence based service. It can help the user in two-way conversations.
      4- Google Calendar: (Google Calendar). This is a service used to organize a user's schedule, and it can also be synced or shared with other users.
     5- Google Class : (Google Class). It is an educational service through which students and teachers can be integrated into electronic courses.
     6-Google Earth: (Google Earth); Google service to get directions, locations and see places around the world.
     7- Google Keep: A service that allows the user to keep and store notes. Google Images: (Google Images); It is a service that stores photos and videos through Google's cloud storage services and can also be shared with other users.
     8-Google Shopping: (Google Shopping); It's a service where you can search for products and organize them by price and location.

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