Games download programs Best applications to download Android and iPhone games 2022

Games download programs Best applications to download Android and iPhone games

Games download programs Best applications to download Android and iPhone games 

       Game download 2022, best game download store, best android store 2022, best store in the world, offline game download and other similar words have spread widely on the search site recently. Therefore, my friends, through today's article, we will introduce you to a variety of the most powerful and wonderful applications and stores that provide game download services for Android, whether paid or free, or in their regular versions or in Premium and VIP Version, so follow this article with us to the end. How to download free games and we will show you the best apps to download free games. To enjoy free and fast download games for android and iphone 2022.Want to know them? Stay with us and enjoy the best current games anytime and anywhere.

Applications to download free games for Android:

If you are an Android user and want to spend hours and hours playing with your phone, you will find a variety of free game download apps. You have all kinds of them: to earn points redeemable for paid applications, to access the store to download alternative applications to Google Play, to enjoy downloading games for free and quickly.

1-Aptoide .

Downloading an Android app to download a free game is not an easy task. It is clear that Google Play does not want to lose money. But there are alternative app markets like Blackmarket or Aptoide. It's completely safe (so far), although you still have to be careful.
Aptoide and Blackmarket contain applications that are not available for free on the Play Store. We leave you a direct link to download Android games.


AppNana is another best android app to download other free apps and games. In it, you need to complete a task to receive points (lullabies) and then redeem them for a gift card.
One of its highlights is that it offers 400 lullabies per day on entry only. Of course, if you don't get the reward right away, don't panic. Points usually take 48 hours to be credited to your account.

How to download android games

Open a web browser on your Android device and navigate to the URL
Click the install button to download and install Aptoide from the APK file.
The package manager launches the installation of the downloaded application. If you have alternative applications associated with application files (.apk), a menu will appear asking you to select an application. Select the package manager in this case.
Now open the Aptoide App Store. You may be asked to add a store (warehouse) to your group. Go ahead and add a store if you want. (However, this is not necessary).
Click the search icon in the upper right corner. Type the application name and press Enter.
If you don't see the app you want in the search results, click the "Learn more" button. More results will be displayed on the browser page.
Select the specific app. A dialog box appears asking you to confirm the installation of the application. Click OK.
Next, you will be asked to add the specific app store containing the games you are looking for. Add it if you wish (not required).
The package manager now installs the application. Finally, click OK to complete the installation.

3- 4 shared

It's another way to download games for Android for free (iOS makes this harder, if not impossible, as you'll see below). 4shared is a full-featured downloader app (like paid apps) for movies, music, and all kinds of files.
Thanks to its powerful search engine, you will find .apk files (an extension for mobile applications) to install directly on your phone. Beware, you may find malware in this content. Make sure your antivirus is running before installing anything. Avoid disappointment.
4 shared

5- Feature Points

Using this tool is very simple. Available for mobile phones and tablets, just download and try the apps to get points. With them you will get cash, App Store and Google Play gift cards, or Amazon and Starbucks discounts.
It is therefore an application that allows you to download the latest mobile games for free. Also, by using the guest link, anyone you know who downloads the app will get a bonus. What are you waiting for? Upload FeaturePoints with your friends and everyone wins.
Feature Points

6- Free apps:

Do you want to download paid games from play store for free? That's what AppsFree brings you, a program that shows you all paid apps that have stopped loading temporarily.
It has different filters to choose only what interests you. Sort results by category, rating, language, or number of downloads, among other parameters. You can also search by keyword or enable custom notifications. In this way, you will discover exclusive promotions for the moment without having to enter the application.
And if you don't want a particular developer to constantly appear among the results, you have the option of adding them to the blacklist. In short, with AppsFree you will download and install free games and other paid applications. You will get real offers.
Free apps

7- Application sales:

AppSales is an alternative to the previous version to download paid Android games for free. Its action is very similar. However, in this case, you can monitor app prices to get the best possible deal.
So, in addition to finding temporarily free options, you'll see how the prices of apps and games change and choose the best time to buy them. Provides minimum, maximum and average price information for the last 60 days (360 days in the premium version).
In terms of features, AppSales comes with everything you need to follow promotions and industry news: advanced filters, alarm notifications, constantly updated lists, favorites tracking and an aggregate of the most popular apps .

Download free Android games to your PC

If you are looking for an alternative to the previous apps, another way to get free games for Android and iOS is to download the file on your computer and later transfer it to your mobile phone. To do this, there are a variety of programs and methods, all of them are equally effective. They will allow you to get the latest news in video games. here they are:


Want to transfer files to mobile from PC or Mac without bothering with cables? This is what Airdrop offers you. This free game download app for Android uses Wi-Fi to perform all kinds of tasks from your computer. From importing tools and files (needed to install games on mobile) to managing folders. We'll show you how it works:
Download and install Airdroid on your mobile phone.
Inside, go to the "Connection" tab. You will find the IP or WEB address. Enter it into your computer's browser.
A tab will open on the mobile where it will ask you if you want to accept the connection. By doing this, both devices will be connected under the same Wi-Fi network.
The Airdroid Tools platform will open where you import the game.
Finally, go to the browser apps tool and enter the .apk file from your PC or Mac folders.
Wait a few seconds and the app will be installed on your Android phone.
As you can see, the procedure for importing .apk files is very fast. This does not present any complication other than connecting the phone to the computer. Now make sure that you are only using the app from your home. If the connection is over a public network, you risk that someone will have access to your data.
From our point of view, Aidroid is worth it, because it offers many basic tools in one application (manage contacts, applications, photos, music, calls ...). Moreover, it allows you to transfer files within the same network for free and without limits. 

2 - iFunbox + iPhonecake

iFunbox (not to be confused with the aforementioned iFanBox) is software exclusive to the iPhone. It was designed as an alternative to iTunes to manage any iOS device from your computer. Among its functions is the download and installation of free paid games on the mobile phone.
It allows you to install games in .ipa format which you can find on many platforms and websites, like iPhonecake. All this without the need for jailbreak. Here are the steps to follow:
Visit the iPhonecake website and search for the app. This can be saved to your computer via a direct download. We recommend creating a folder for downloading .ipa files somewhere easy to find.
Launch iFunBox and connect your iPhone or iPad via USB. The program does not work with Wi-Fi.
Once identified, click "Install Application" and select the downloaded game.
The process takes less than half a minute and a message appears telling you that it is complete.
The big advantage of iFunBox is that applications can be downloaded directly from the web, which is less complicated. But that's not all. It also provides other functions such as importing and exporting files, making manual backups or storing documents.
If you want an alternative to iTunes and enjoy lots of games and apps, iFunBox will make the most of your iPhone's capabilities. You understand!

3- MoboPlay

With over 100 million users, MoboPlay is an online platform where you can download paid games absolutely free for iOS and Android. Its big advantage is that it does not require pre-registration, essential in the App Store and Google Play mobile stores.
Now MoboPlay is not just a download manager. It is a powerful computer program with endless tools. With it you can control the smartphone from your PC: backup and restore, import and export files, manage storage or clean the device, among others.
But, without a doubt, the feature that interests us the most right now is the import and installation of applications downloaded from your store. With this function, you will get free paid games on iPhone and Android. Simply choose the device you are interested in and install it directly from your computer, without having to go through your mobile phone.
Finally, keep in mind that the desktop version of MoboPlay only works on Windows (there is no Mac version at the moment). Although with this operating system, you can manage iOS and Android interchangeably. On its website, you will find the PC version and the free Android application. You will be surprised by its wide range of games.

Install Android Games Using File Manager

The third way to download paid games for Android for free is through file management software directly from your mobile phone. This will create apk files. It works smoothly. Here is the procedure to follow :
Access the special Android website from the native OS browser and play games by downloading the .apk file. Some of the trusted sites are, or You will get two files, the apk file. and data file.
Tap APK and install it. I still can't start the game here.
Extract the files from the data file using the . In your application we recommend MK Explorer (we leave the link below).
After that, the program will show you the "Data" folder. If the data is in OBB format, move the data to the "obb" folder.
Finally, open the game and start playing. Note that if you uninstall the downloaded game, the .data file will also be deleted.

Download games from play store

At this point, it is important to know that you have an alternative to all of the above: download games for free from the Play Store. If you don't want to download third-party apps or waste time with your computer, there are plenty of good free options in the official Google Store.
Take a look at the games section of the store, where they are sorted by subgenre (new, offline, puzzle, action, multiplayer...), or put "Free games" directly in the search engine.
We are waiting for 10 of the best free Android games you can find on Google Play:
1-Pokemon GO
2-Between us
3-League of Legends Wild Rift
4-UNO for mobile
5-Super Mario Run
6-Mario Kart Tour
7-Last day on earth
8-star brawl
9-Harry Potter wizards unite
10-Fortnite for Android

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